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Your needs. Your customers. Your success.

Choose from the widest selection and variety of the industry's top mobile phone accessories. Benefit from high-integrity products, transactions, and warranties. Enjoy customized services, same-day shipping, and personalized support. Get the most from your business investment with a long-term distribution partnership with Wireless Xplosion. Wireless Xplosion is Canada’s #1 wholesale distributor of the world’s most popular mobile phone accessories. What's our secret to success? We believe your business success is our business success. Wireless Xplosion has become the leading wholesale distributor for cell phone accessories in Canada because our business is focused on your business.

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Your needs are our business priority

Wireless Xplosion is committed to helping you start, run, and grow your successful mobile phone accessories business. And that means working with you as your long-term trusted business partner. Wireless Xplosion is a partner who consistently delivers on products, pricing, and shipping commitments. A partner who answers the phone, deals with you personally, and goes the extra mile when others will not. A partner who regards your needs as the most important part of every business transaction.

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Your customers deserve the very best

Wireless Xplosion offers the world's leading mobile phone accessories with a full manufacturer warranty because we believe your customers deserve top quality and long-term protection. We carry many leading brands including Caseco, Rockstone, Whoosh,Spinpop, ArtsCase, Kate Spade, MiLi, Griffin, and many more. Our commitment to your customers guarantees that only original, branded, premium products ship from our warehouse— no fakes, no fast-talking, no foolishness.

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Your success is our success

Explore our huge inventory of over 5000 SKUs of wireless accessories. Learn about negotiable payment terms, flexible payment methods, and our unmatched warranty service. Receive superb customer service from our knowledgeable salespeople, and get same-day shipping with orders placed before 5 PM. Discover why Wireless Xplosion is your ultimate source for all the products, services, and support you need to grow your wireless phone accessories business—and why your business success is our top priority!

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