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Mobile Joy Stick

by Caseco
Size: Joystick
MSRP: $9.99


Looking for a real physical joystick for you to navigate and enjoy mobile gaming with increased precision? The Caseco mobile joy stick is your partner of choice. It is perfect for any kind of game that has an on-screen control pad. The Caseco mobile joy stick is made with a special spring material and it supports all touch screen devices. It is budget-friendly and does not require batteries or extra wires.
Features & Specifications
Universal Compatibility
Compact & Portable
Simple to Install and use
Rotates 360 degrees
Adjustable Clip
Convenient to carry in pocket 

The Caseco mobile joystick is the perfect mobile gaming companion you need when you are bored. The unique quality and features will allow the sucker to paste on any mobile phones or tablets tightly and leaves no scratch.