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16MM Ball Adapter with AMPS Plate

Title: Default Title
SKU: M0150-01
UPC: 790492612910
MSRP: $19.99


  • Universally compatible with all Mighty mount utilizing the 16mm ball pattern
  • Enable 16mm ball-sized mounts to support 4-hole AMPS pattern Mighty mount phone holders.
  • Works seamlessly with Mighty Mounts and other mounts featuring the 16mm ball pattern.
  • A perfect choice for commercial or fleet applications, particularly well-suited for taxicabs.
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

The 16mm ball adapter simplifies the transformation of your 16mm mount into a robust 4-hole AMPS drill-base mount (Mounts, holders, and devices are available separately). Installation is straightforward: merely unscrew the tightening ring to detach the existing head of your mount, then insert the adapter and re-secure the ring.  It empowers you to securely mount devices featuring a 4-Hole AMPS pattern, including vehicle-specific mounts, cameras, GPS devices, and satellite radios such as the Sirius S50, Sirius XM Onyx Plus, XM Onyx EZ, Sirius XM Lynx, Stratus 7, Dock & Play, and Sirius Dock & Play.