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MagSafe Magnetic Phone Holder

by Caseco
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SKU: C1305-01
UPC: 790492591833


  • Universal Compatibility. The Caseco MagSafe Phone holder seamlessly accommodates a diverse array of phones, spanning the iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series. Furthermore, it maintains compatibility with MagSafe magnetic cases.
  • Detachable for Wireless Charging. Standing out from non-removable alternatives, this holder can be effortlessly detached to facilitate wireless charging. Importantly, the presence of the metal ring does not hinder wireless charging capabilities.
  • Unwavering Magnetic Strength. Leveraging the power of the strongest N52 magnet, and weighing a mere 0.95 ounces, the Caseco MagSafe ring holder exhibits a magnetic force of up to 2 lbs when directly adhered to iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series devices.
  • 360° Rotation. The Caseco MagSafe phone grip incorporates an internally rotatable link, enabling seamless 360° rotation without necessitating disassembly. Experience a plethora of viewing angles that offer a pliable and comfortable grip experience, completely devoid of any finger entanglements.
  • Multi-Purpose Design. The Caseco MagSafe ring holder boasts a versatile design, functioning as both a reliable phone grip and a practical desktop kickstand. With the convenience of using just one finger, you can establish a secure one-handed grip on your iPhone, thereby substantially mitigating the risk of accidental drops.