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ProtectionPro Infinity Series Back Cover Skin

by Madico
Style: Amethyst Sparkle (10 pcs)


ProtectionPro fuses innovative design with proven technologies to create dynamic custom protection for use on any device. Offering more than 40 different colors and textures along with our customizable film lines, the Infinity Series provides endless creative possibilities.


The ProtectionPro Infinity Carbon Fiber collection takes command with its bold, modern sensibilities. Linear patterning and reflective properties give it futuristic appeal…and its color offerings are sure to WOW! Customers can show off their personal style while improving the durability of their device. 


The stately tonal qualities of metallics are widely associated as symbols of strength, elegance, and luxury. ProtectionPro Infinity’s Metal collection gives consumers device protection with the premium look and feel of metal. Fashioned to protect any device, this beautiful selection of brushed metal colors is a treasure to behold!


The Texture collection offers a variety of nature-inspired finishes that your customers will be positively WILD about! ProtectionPro’s unique styles and colors improve the feel of any device and include popular design choices such as leather, zebra, and alligator in a wide range of colors to fit any style.


The ProtectionPro Infinity Series Sparkle collection is a dazzling celebration of eye-catching colors that shimmer and shine. Style savvy customers can dress up any device with these party-inspired favorites. Smart device protection that doubles as a fashion accessory? Yes, please! Complement a fancy handbag or shoe with Sparkle’s glamorous shades of glittery fun. This crowd-pleaser will certainly be the toast of the town!


Who can resist the rainbow-colored fun of the Infinity Series Spectrum collection? Available in smooth matte or satin finishes, this palette of happy hues will give customers something to really smile about! Accommodating changing style preferences and seasonal trends is a cinch with so many brilliant options to pick from.