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iPhone 11 Pro/XS/X - Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass - Screen Patrol (BULK ONLY)

by Caseco
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SKU: C4106-55
UPC: 790492590126
MSRP: $39.99


  • iPhone 11 Pro Anti-blue light tempered glass blocks harmful blue light from your screens which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision, with children and teenagers particularly at risk
  • Screen Patrol protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the full color crystal clear screen
  • It is a 9h Hardness glass so it will protect you screen glass if it drops accidentally Feels Smooth Sensitive to Touch
  • Fingerprint and Smudge Resistance Only 0.3mm thick, and it maintains high touch sensitivity.
  • It is a case friendly glass so you can use it with your favorite branded cases