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Simpl Mag Long Rectangular iPad Wall Mount (6.5 inch)

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SKU: M1500L
UPC: 790492586372
MSRP: $39.99


  • The Simpl Mag Long Rectangular Wall Mount for your iPad or tablet. When placed on a flat surface, it can hold and support your iPad or tablets or other devices in place while you drive.
  • Product Design: A long (165mm x 39mm) rectangular mount and 2 metal plates with 4 strong magnets (20mm * 4) to support multiple devices. With it’s incredible magnetic force and durability, this mount ensures that your device will be secure. There are no chances of this dash mount falling off, or shaking, even on uneven roads.
  • Minimalist Design: This car mount will not block your view and will allow for safer driving. With its sleek, pristine, and soft rubbery design, it protects your phone from friction against your devices.
  • Easy Usage: It is also easy to use, as it only requires a simple removal of the adhesive at the back of the mount, and attaching it to the car. This mount is best used if the surface is cleaned before.
  • Multi-Functional: Simple Mag wall mount is a multi-use product. This product can be used in a kitchen, a car, an office area, and it can hold your keys, phone, iPad, Tablets or any other magnetic objects.