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Magnetic Cup Holder Phone Mount - Simpl Touch

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SKU: M3540-22
UPC: 790492586723
MSRP: $69.99


Eliminate distractions and stay focused on the road with the convenience of mounting your smartphone on your dash or vent with Mighty Mount Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Mount

  • Ultimate Hassle-Free Driving and phone usage experience
  • Solid Grip, so that your phone doesn't fall off
  • Stabilizers make sure your phone doesn't wobble
  • Two-way mounting ability- Dash & Vent Mount
  • Compatible with Samsung and iPhone

Mighty Mount Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Mount

Put your smartphone in the cradle and enjoy a smooth ride with our Mighty Mount Grip Cradle. Offering a smooth hand-free driving experience, this cradle keeps your phone in front of your eyes, so you don’t lose track of the road. Comes with both Dash & Vent Mounts, allowing you to hang your smartphone at your preferred place.

Universal Compatibility

Mighty Mount Grip Cradle Vent & Dash Mount is compatible with several smartphones, from smaller flip phones to large-screen display phones.

Dash & Vent Mounting Ability

Our Might Mount Cradle comes with a vent and dash mount. Hang your phone on the vent with stabilizers, so it doesn’t wobble. Attach it to your Dashboard with 3M adhesive and adjust it accordingly. Clear your dashboard with a cleaning wipe included in our package.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

 At Caseco, we do our part in helping save the planet by eliminating single-use plastics in our production process. We also devised a way to pack each product using uncoated paper and plant-based ink for the Auto Grip Cradle Wireless Charger for Dash & Vent Mount packaging. You wouldn’t have problems recycling our packaging because they are 100% environment-friendly.